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Walluz Wall-Mounted Shoe Organizer

No more setting up and building ridiculous shelves.

No more clutter, damaged and unorganized shoes.

Get rid of all those bulky racks and get the Walluz.

Why Walluz  

Saves Floor Space

Quality Product

Time Saver

Easy to Install

Saves You Money

Our Story

Designed and invented by Ernest Otabil, the first Ghanaian-Canadian inventor in Canada. Through passion and dedication, Walluz is changing people’s perceptions about shoe storage all over the world. This innovative product removes clutter, saves time and best of all preserves your beautiful footwear. Shop Walluz shoe organizers today.


The Walluz wall-mounted shoe organizers are easy to install and can be put up in less than 10 minutes. Watch the video to learn more. For step-by-step illustrations click here.


Hear what people are saying!

acrylic shoe organizer

Marie Condo Living Shoe Organizer with Walluz!!!

“This product is amazing!! Like I’m able to really show case my shoes and make my closet look so cute!!”

acrylic shoe organizer


“I was honestly so iffy about purchasing because of the price but all I can say is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!! I’m saving money to get more! It was so easy to put together too!! I’ll be back for more ??”

acrylic shoe organizer


“I have an open closet and I needed something to keep the space tidy so I got the shoe organizer and I love what it adds to the room. You can’t go wrong with it!”

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