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10 Incredibly Smart Shoe Storage and Display Ideas: Re-Imagine Shoe Organizing All Over Again!

Written by: Walluz

Everyone hates the frustration of searching for a certain pair of shoes when running late for work or trying to find that favorite pair for special events. Shoe organizing isn’t always that easy, as most of us tend to collect several pairs of shoes and before we know it, we have shoes scattered everywhere in the house including hallways, under the bed, or stored in boxes that are tucked away, making it difficult to find the shoes we need to match certain outfits when going out.

According to Benjamin Franklin, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” The truth is, the average person wastes five to 10 minutes or more a day looking for their shoes. The daily frustrations of searching for that perfect pair of shoes can cause arguments, unnecessary fights, and yes, even some breakups!

The real question is how many times do you have to go through this struggle? How many pairs of shoes must you scratch, damage, or throw in the garbage because of shoe clutter problems? There has to be a better way, right? The truth is, there is a better way with Walluz wall-mounted shoe organizers!

The smart shoe organizing solutions from Walluz are amazing and will reduce your frustrations with shoe organizing. With these shoe organizers, you are able to display and store your shoes elegantly with quick access to them. Walluz shoe organizers are lightweight, stylish, affordable, easy to install, and can be used in homes and retail stores. These wall-mounted shoe racks help you reduce clutter, allow you to easily organize, prevent your shoes from damages or scratches, and save you valuable time from searching for your shoes.

In this blog, we are going to share 10 smart ways that Walluz shoe organizers can simplify your life, save space, and help you earn back some valuable time daily. Read on and shop our collections of wall-mounted shoe organizers today!

  1. Walluz wall-mounted shoe organizers display your shoes securely and elegantly, while still being easily accessible to allow you to match your shoes with your outfits and save time! You can find a particular wall in your house to create your own unique Walluz style with a collection of Walluz shoe organizers.
  2. Go from catwalk to wall art with uniquely designed Fanti or Fanti Lux shoe organizers for stiletto heels and sneakers. These shoe organizers have tubes that hold stiletto heels securely on the wall.
  3. To save even more wall and floor space, use the Fanti shoe organizer to store your stiletto heel shoes vertically instead of the usual horizontal method!
  4. Sneakerheads, the Fanti shoe organizers or Fanti Lux shoe organizers got you covered! The tubes on these models hold and display your valuable sneakers collection for all to admire! You will save enough space to add more to your collections.
  5. If you own a spa, nail salon, or anywhere else that requires clients to take off their shoes, the Walluz Gabi shoe organizer is a perfect 2-pair shoe organizer solution for your clients’ shoes. Similar to the Fanti and Fanti Lux, the Gabi shoe organizer is a stiletto shoe organizer that also holds your clients’ sneakers. Mount the Gabi shoe organizer on the wall or workstation for your clients to store their shoes when getting serviced.
  6. If block heels or stilettos are your style then the Ashanti Lux wall-mounted shoe organizer is perfect for you! This shoe organizer mounts on your wall and comes with a ledge lined with anti-slip material to securely store your block heel and stiletto shoes. This luxury variation of the Ashanti shoe rack also includes an acrylic wall protector! You are able to store various types of heels on the anti-slip ledge including low or high block heels and stilettos.
  7. Guys, Walluz has got you covered too! The Oheni Lux wall-mounted shoe organizer is designed specifically for men’s dress shoes. It is made of acrylic and has a ledge lined with anti-slip material to grip your dress shoes and keep them from falling off the wall! Arrange a collection of Oheni Lux organizers to store and display your dress shoes elegantly.
  8. The Deluxe wall-mounted shoe organizer is the most versatile shoe organizer in the Walluz collection and holds up to 8 pairs of shoes. The top section has tubes that hold stiletto heels and sneakers. The lower section has a ledge lined with anti-slip material that holds block heels, stilettos, low heel flats, and men’s dress shoes and prevents them from falling off! Based on the available wall space and number of your shoes, you can add as many Deluxe shoe organizers as you need for your own unique shoe storage area design.
  9. If you already have a beautifully designed custom-built closet, and you love buying new shoes, you may find that you still need more space for your shoes. Walluz shoe organizers can come to the rescue! Just look for additional areas within the closet to mount these shoe organizers to store and display your excess shoes. Also, check for additional wall space in your bedroom or other rooms where you could install the wall-mounted shoe organizers for easy access to your shoes, instead of having them hidden in boxes.
  10. Walluz shoe organizers are smart shoe storage systems that help you reduce clutter, get organized, prevent your shoes from damages or scratches, and save you valuable time from searching for your shoes every day. You can combine various Walluz shoe organizer models to create your own unique and beautiful wall art storage area for your shoes. As a bonus, you are able to admire your shoes even when not wearing them!

With our wall-mounted shoe organizers, you can easily and beautifully store your shoes, reducing clutter in your closet and making it easier to find the pair of shoes you are looking for. If you have tried other shoe organization methods only to find your shoes a mess again, it is time to upgrade to Walluz shoe organizers. You will love how easy they are to use and how elegantly they keep your shoes organized. Start shopping for your wall-mounted shoe racks today and contact Walluz with any questions you may have!

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