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When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

Phyllis is a busy loving mother of 3 and a registered nurse with a passion for shoes, interior design, and home decor. Her daily frustration with trying to find her pairs of shoes or seeing her cluttered closet started a simple conversation with her brother Ernest, who is an engineer, about the lack of stylish shoe organizers.  At the time, Ernest had just experienced heartbreak in his personal relationship and felt crashed to the bottom, but he saw this as an opportunity to divert his mind and energy from his devastation to solve this well- known problem for so many people.


The Journey

Ernest, who also loves good quality shoes, got the idea to use his engineering skills to design and develop wall-mounted shoe organizers that would be used for both men’s and women’s shoes. His goal was to design shoe organizers that are not only upscale and stylish but will free up floor space, are easy to install, and most importantly, will organize shoe closet spaces that will be admired and used by people from all walks of life. After a year of diligent hard work, dedication, designs, and several prototypes, in October 2020 after receiving a patent pending designation Walluz did a beta launch of the company in Canada and began selling directly to customers online.


A Sense of Purpose and Style

Walluz is a Black-owned business that was founded by Ernest Otabil in Toronto in 2019. The company received patents for its product for the United States and Canada in April and May 2023 respectively and re- launched in June 2023. Walluz is determined to solve the problem of shoe clutter in the home or retail spaces. Walluz groundbreaking wall mounted organizers, durable, and require zero floor space. They stylishly display shoes on any wall, ensuring they blend beautifully with any home decor. Having a Walluz organizer means saving valuable time and money daily.

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