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Black History Month – A Bold Step Forward

Written by: Walluz Blogger

As Black History Month kicks off in February, it is not only a time to reflect on the past; it is also a moment to celebrate the Black community’s current successes. The creation of WALLUZ, a wall-mounted shoe organizer, is one such outstanding achievement.

Mr. Ernest Otabil – Inventor of Walluz

Ernest Otabil is the first Ghanaian-Canadian inventor who created Walluz, a game changer that disrupts the shoe industry by simplifying how shoes are organized in homes and retail spaces. He received a utility patent for his invention in 2023.

Let’s look at how this creative innovation is not just a practical solution, but also a monument to the contribution of Canada’s diverse groups.

The WALLUZ Story | Celebrating Current Successes

His parents migrated to Canada in the 80s in hopes of a better future for their kids, It took a couple of years to settle into the Canadian culture; at the age of 12, Ernest and his sister migrated to join their parents.

Watching how his parents struggled as immigrants working two jobs and adjusting to the systemic barriers, led him to work diligently to pursue an engineering degree from Humber College.

As a young man, he always had the drive to solve complex problems in his everyday life. His mom and grandma were inspiring, influential women in his life who always encouraged him to go above and beyond to overcome the daily struggles of life.

Over the years, his parents instilled values of hard work, dedication, discipline, and faith in God, which helped shape his drive to achieve excellence in everything. In 2019, Ernest went through a heartbreak when his engagement to his ex-fiancee fell apart; this turmoil led him to get closer to God.

At that period, he spent some time with his sister and observed how she had a problem with shoe clutter; that brought back the memories of his ex with a similar clutter problem in terms of organizing her shoes.

This made him realize that clutter is a widespread problem, and he decided to apply his engineering skills to solve this problem, and WALLUZ was invented.

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Diversity in Innovation:

The invention of the WALLUZ shoe organizer demonstrates the Black community’s originality creativity and shows that people from all backgrounds can produce ground-breaking inventions.

The WALLUZ story encourages young inventors to follow their aspirations and have a positive impact on the community, particularly those from underrepresented communities.

A Moment of Pride for Canadians:

In addition to being a noteworthy accomplishment for the inventor, WALLUZ is a memorable moment for Canada. With its creation, Ernest Otabil, the founder and inventor of WALLUZ, now stands on the global innovation map as the sixth black (Ghanaian-Canadian) inventor in North America.

It serves as a reminder that Canada is home to a wide range of talented people and that by promoting an inclusive atmosphere, we can keep seeing ground-breaking works that advance society at large.

During Black History Month, let us celebrate not only the historical wins but also the modern successes of the Black community. Let WALLUZ serve as a sign of inspiration for innovators from a variety of backgrounds as we consider the past while looking to the future, demonstrating that Canada’s strength is found in its diversity.


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