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What is Walluz?

Written by: Walluz Blogger

Mr. Ernest Otabil – Inventor of Walluz

What is Walluz?

Walluz is more than just a brand; it is simply a game changer wall mounted shoe organizer, founded by Ernest Otabil and owned by Casablanka Corporation. The vision of the brand is to provide simplicity and creativity in organizing, displaying and storing products.

Walluz is determined to solve the problem of shoe clutter in the home or retail spaces to bring a fresh solution to your storage and organizing needs. The brand does this through partnerships and collaboration with other businesses and retail stores.

How the Walluz idea came about

In 2019, Ernest went through a heartbreak when his engagement to his ex-fiancée fell apart; this led to him going through a deep and painful time in his life, and this turmoil led him to get closer to God, which allowed him to gain the vision to create WALLUZ.

At that time, he spent some time with his sister and observed how she had a problem with shoe clutter; that brought back the memories of his ex with a similar clutter problem in terms of organizing her shoes.

He realized that it is a widespread problem that most people have and that he can make use of his engineering skills to provide the solution needed. He got the idea to use his engineering skills to design and develop wall-mounted shoe organizers that would be used for both men’s dress shoes, & women’s high heels, flats, sneakers and accessories.

His objective was to create high-end, fashionable shoe organizers that would also free up floor space, save money, save time, easy to install, and most significantly organize shoe closet spaces that people from all walks of life would appreciate and use.

What is the product?

Walluz ground-breaking wall-mounted shoe organizers are durable and require zero floor space. They stylishly display shoes on any wall, ensuring they blend beautifully with any home decor, so having a Walluz shoe organizer means saving valuable time and money daily.

There are four types of Walluz wall mounted organizers that serve the need to reduce shoe clutter these are:


Functionality of our wall mounted organizers

Walluz offers a collection of unique and easy-to-install  wall-mounted shoe organizers that make it easy to store your shoes and keep your closet clean! Our shoe organizers come in a variety of styles designed specifically for different types of shoes.

The 3 pack wall mounted organizers that are either an acrylic strip with cylinder tubes or acrylic strip with cylinder tubes and backing are the perfect options for heels, accessories or sneakers. The thin tube design of these two shoe organizers is the perfect size to either stick the heel of a stiletto in or to stick inside a sneaker.  Walluz also has the 2-pack anti-slip ledge design and 1-unit; 8-pair multi-purpose wall-mounted Organizer [Deluxe]; these are multi-functional for block heels, stilettos, hats, jewelry, scarves and men’s shoes.


No matter what types of shoes you own, we have a shoe storage solution for you. Finding the right Walluz product for your shoe collection doesn’t have to be difficult! Learn more about each of our products and which one is right for you. For more information on how easy it is to install a Walluz, check out our blog on how to install our wall mounted shoe organizer here.

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