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How to DIY an Affordable Shoe Organizer Display Wall in Your Home in 3 Easy Steps!

Written by: Walluz Co

Turn Your Shoes into Art

Image Caption: Wall art of Walluz Deluxe shoe organizers showing the tubes for the stiletto heels and the anti-slip ledge for block heels and stilettos.

Have you ever wanted to creatively show off your favorite shoes? With Walluz shoe organizers, securely and elegantly display all kinds of shoes, while keeping them easy to access.

Here’s how:

Step 1

First, determine the types of shoes you have and how many of them you want to store and display. Also, check and measure the available wall space in your closet, bedroom, entryways, or any other preferred space in your house. Even if you already have a built-in closet but you still have shoes boxed away due to lack of shelf space, you may still have unused wall space in your closet or bedroom that you can consider using to install the Walluz wall-mounted shoe racks.

Step 2

Once you decide on the type and number of shoes you have and the available wall space in your house, go online to walluz.com and browse through our collection of versatile wall-mounted shoe organizers to select your preferred Walluz shoe racks. All Walluz wall-mounted shoe organizers arrive ready to install to the wall with just 2 or 3 screws depending on the model.

Your order is shipped within 24 – 48 hours for quick delivery.

Step 3

When your Walluz wall-mounted shoe organizers arrive, all you need to do is to get them out of the box and install them to your preferred wall using the screws included in the package. Hang your shoes, handbags, scarves, and other accessories, and enjoy! You can be creative by combining different Walluz shoe organizers to achieve your desired wall art boutique. Check out this video from one happy Walluz customer!


Walluz designs high-quality space-saving acrylic wall-mounted shoe racks to store and display stilettos, low or high block heels, sneakers, men’s dress shoes, and accessories. Walluz has 8 types of wall-mounted shoe organizers that will help you store and display your shoes and accessories without using a single floor space! The best part of it is that Walluz wall-mounted shoe organizers arrive ready to install with the required hardware included.

With Walluz shoe racks, the possibilities are endless to achieving that ultimate satisfaction of a well-organized shoe closet! Walluz shoe organizers are smart shoe storage systems that help you reduce clutter, get organized, prevent your shoes from damages or scratches, and save you valuable time from searching for your shoes every day. You can combine various Walluz shoe organizer models to create your own unique and beautiful wall art storage area for your shoes. As a bonus, you are able to admire your shoes even when not wearing them! Shop our wall-mounted shoe organizer collection today to transform your shoe storage space!

Contact us at info@Walluz.com for more information on our products or to collaborate!


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