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Which Walluz Shoe Organizer Is Right for Me?

Written by: Walluz

If you love shoes and have plenty of them, you may have realized that shoe storage solutions have been full of limitations. Plastic pouches look cheap, and custom shelving takes time to install and can be expensive for the average budget. Shoe storage boxes are bulky and hide away the shoes you want to see in your closet. We at Walluz saw this problem and developed sleek and modern shoe organizers that address all of these issues.

Walluz designs and produces multi-purpose, unique, and modern-day wall-mounted shoe organizers that hold and display sneakers, stilettos, low or high block heels, and men’s dress shoes. Our shoe organizers protect, display, and organize your shoes beautifully, while keeping your floor space clear of clutter. Instead of storing shoes on bulky shelves or in boxes, mix and match any of our patent-pending shoe organizers to find the right shoe storage solution for your shoes.

Walluz shoe organizers are versatile, made of high-quality acrylic material, and some select models have an anti-slip material that grips the shoes to keep them from falling off the wall. They are space-saving shoe organizers that are easy to install. With Walluz shoe organizers, you can display your shoes as artwork and admire them even when you are not wearing them.

Walluz is a game-changer for shoe storage not only for homes, but also for shoe designers and shoe retail stores. Imagine how much space you can save in your home or shoe retail store with most of the shoes off the floor, minimizing your need for bulky shelves or carts! Shoe designers, imagine your logo etched into the wall protector of our Deluxe and Lux shoe organizers to promote your brand while saving floor space. Check out more information on our products by shopping our collections and reading this blog.


Fanti Shoe Organizer – Display and show off your cute stilettos or sneakers on the innovative Fanti shoe organizer. The Fanti has tubes that hold four pairs of your favorite stilettos or sneakers.

Ashanti Shoe Organizer – Your low or high block heels and stilettos can become works of art on the Ashanti shoe organizer. Anti-slip material grips the shoes and prevents them from falling off this shoe organizer. This wall-mounted shoe storage system holds four pairs.

Oheni Shoe Organizer – Display your men’s dress shoes confidently on the Oheni shoe organizer. The anti-slip material on this wall-mounted shoe organizer keeps shoes securely in place and prevents them from falling off. This shoe storage system holds three pairs.


Fanti Lux Shoe Organizer – Want to display elegance when not wearing your cute sneakers or stilettos? The Fanti Lux shoe organizer has tubes to hold the shoes and an acrylic wall protector to help you achieve just that! This wall-mounted shoe organizer holds four pairs.

Ashanti Lux Shoe Organizer – Flaunt your low or high block heels and stilettos with the Ashanti Lux shoe organizer. Designed with anti-slip material and acrylic wall protector. The anti-slip material grips the shoes to prevent them from falling off. You can store four pairs of shoes on this shoe organizer.

Oheni Lux Shoe Organizer – Level up your style with the Oheni Lux shoe organizer. It has an anti-slip material to keep the shoes in place and acrylic wall protector to elegantly display your men’s dress shoes. You can store up to three pairs of men’s shoes on this wall-mounted organizer.


Gabi Shoe Organizer – Mini version of the Fanti Lux is the Gabi shoe organizer. It is designed with tubes to hold stilettos and sneakers, and includes a wall protector. The Gabi shoe organizer is ideal for dressing rooms, spas, nail salons, medical clinics, or anywhere else shoes may need to be taken off. This wall-mounted shoe organizer holds two pairs of stilettos or sneakers.

Deluxe Shoe Organizer – The versatile Deluxe shoe organizer displays a combination of stilettos, block heels, low heel flats, sneakers, and men’s dress shoes. It has tubes on the top section for stilettos and sneakers, and an anti-slip section on the bottom to hold low and high block heels, stilettos, and men’s dress shoes. You can store up to eight pairs of shoes with this shoe organizer.

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Walluz is a family-owned startup company based in Ontario, Canada specializing in shoe organizers for home use and shoe display solutions for retail stores. Walluz’s patent pending shoe organizers are multifunctional and hold shoes securely and elegantly. Our shoe organizers provide solutions for the display and storage of over twenty shoe types. They are versatile, space-saving, and made in Canada with high-quality acrylic material. Shop now at Walluz.com to experience what the buzz is all about!

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