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Find the Right Walluz Product For Your Shoes

Walluz offers a collection of unique and easy-to-install wall-mounted shoe organizers that make it easy to store your shoes and keep your closet clean! Our shoe organizers come in a variety of styles, designed specifically for different types of shoes. This is a simple, sleek, and unique solution to the pile of shoes covering your closet floor. Instead of spending time trying to find matching pairs or having to deal with a messy closet daily, try storing your shoes with our wall-mounted shoe organizers. They can solve all of your shoe storage issues!

No matter what types of shoes you own, we have a shoe storage solution for you. Finding the right Walluz product for your shoe collection doesn’t have to be difficult! Learn more about each of our products and which one is right for you.

Which Walluz Is Right For You?

Wall-Mounted Shoe Organizers For Every Shoe Collection

3-Pack Walluz Patented Wall Mounted Organizer with Acrylic Backing- Elegantly holds 12-pairs of Shoes and other accessories

The 4 Pair shoe organizers are the perfect options for stilettos or sneakers. The thin tube design of these two shoe organizers is the perfect size to either stick the heel of a stiletto in or to stick inside a sneaker.  We also have the 4 Pair Floating shoe organizers featuring an acrylic backing, which helps protect your walls. 

If you own multiple stilettos or sneakers, these are both great options for your shoe storage solution!

3-Pack Walluz Patented Wall Mounted Organizer Acrylic Strip – Elegantly hold 12 Pairs of high heels and other accessories 

If your collection of shoes is mostly stilettos, our 4 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer for Women’s strip shoe organizer is the best option for you! This shoe storage system features an acrylic stripe to keep your shoes securely stored on this wall-mounted organizer. Simply hang your high heels and display them beautifully! To keep your wall protected, be sure to shop for our floating shoe organizers with acrylic backing.

This model is best for high or low block-heels and stilettos.

3 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer – Men’s Dress Shoes

The 3 Pair Floating Men’s Dress shoe organizer is specifically designed for men’s dress shoes and low-cut boots. This wall-mounted shoe organizer can hold three pairs of shoes and features an anti-slip material on the ledge, ensuring that your shoes are secure. We also offer an 3 Pair Floating model, which includes an acrylic backing to protect your walls.

These models are designed to hold men’s dress shoes and low-cut boots.

8 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer – Women’s Heels and Block Heels 

Our 8 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer – Women’s Heels and Block Heels shoe organizer is designed to hold all of your shoes! If you own a large collection of shoes, this is a great shoe storage system to try. This shoe organizer design is a combination of our other models to achieve the pinnacle of shoe storage.  The top features the tube design, which can hold stilettos and sneakers, while the bottom features the anti-slip ledge that can hold block heels, men’s shoes, and low-cut boots. The entire shoe organizer can hold eight parts of shoes, making it a great option for optimum storage.

This model holds stilettos, block heels, men’s shoes, sneakers, and low-cut boots, neatly storing up to eight pairs of shoes.

The Bundles

Walluz also offers two bundles, allowing you to get the shoe storage products you need while saving some money! Our 6 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer for Women’s Heels and Sneakers bundle includes three of our 2 Pair Floating Shoe Organizers, allowing you to store six pairs of stilettos or sneakers with ease.

We also offer the 8 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer – Women’s Heels and Block Heels bundle, which includes a 4 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer For Women’s Heels and Sneakers and a 4 Pair Floating Shoe Organizer For Women’s Block Heels. You can store up to eight pairs of stilettos, block heels, and sneakers with this bundle!

acrylic shoe organizer
8 pairs of shoes hanging on two wall mounted shoe organizers

Organize Your Shoes Today!

No matter what type of shoes you love, we have a storage solution for you! We offer a variety of wall-mounted shoe organizers that can help you get your shoes off the floor, keep them organized, and display them beautifully. If you need additional help finding the right shoe organizer for your shoe collection, feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help.

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